5 Best Apps like Kik you should try in 2022

we will bring you 5 best apps like Kik that gives you more extra features than the kik messenger app and there are a lot of best messaging apps you should look

we all know the truth that Kik app was among the most popular messaging apps. The times have gone when Kik is used to become an only popular and best texting app in the market

Currently, the condition seems to be many competitors in regards to messaging apps category.

But lately, Kik has predominantly developed into a location of spam accounts and spam users.

As today there are lots of top alternative apps like Kik you could effortlessly find. When it’s dead viable so why one should accept the constant spam? Embracing the same and endeavouring for you peeps, here in this informative article we have handpicked 5 best apps like Kik and likely to review them.

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5 Best Apps like Kik you should try in 2022


Being used as a key primary communication device, It is of the apps like Kik WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging programs controlling each other competitor in the present sector.

Acquired by Facebook within a $19 billion deal, it gained greater popularity within the moment. Having an enormous user base, the Facebook-owned messaging support has jam-packed with various features.

WhatsApp is the pure messaging app, where consumers are availing features which range from calling, texting to sending a variety of media format with only a tap of a button.

The only reason WhatsApp has done beyond the expectations just as it is not loaded with unnecessary resources that usually lead to the poor downtime of the service.

Considering the entire features of WhatsApp an easy-to-use application into consideration, we can say it is an excellent replacement for Kik.

Developer: WhatsApp

Compatibility: iOS 6.0 or Greater, Android 2.1 or Higher, Windows Phone 8.0 or Higher

2) Viber

Another popular messaging application and one of the apps like kik loads with a chunk of astounding features offering services that range from instant messaging to voice/ video call.

Since WhatsApp utilizes your contact number in order to make you an account/identity likewise the Viber does.

Therefore, the signal in the process seems to be promising for maintaining the spam away. It is one of the easy-to-use messaging programs next in the line. All you need to do is simply link your phone number to the app and voila!

Back in Viber, you are able to do lots of things like sending messages, sharing media with your loved ones and more.Viber is one of best apps like kik

Not to mention, the app is quite similar to Skype greater than this of Kik Online Messenger. It permits you to place video and voice call with your Viber contacts worldwide with free of cost. In any case making calls into another conventional connection may charge you some little amount, which is much superior compared to your standard dialer.

The evolution of decals and emoticons along with other flexible features make it even more attractive to the consumers globally. Arguably, the Viber is one of the best contenders in the listing.one of the best apps like kik that you can try out

Developer: Viber Media

3) Line

Another popular yet coolest messaging program, Line is the best substitute of Kik. With approximately 500 million installed on Google Play store one apps like kik

Line has given good competition to its own fellow messaging program called WeChat. Line provides you infinite messaging, voice calls, video calls, group chat and more.

If you are somebody who loves to play with stickers, then surely Line will be your very best friend as it includes a load of distinctive and funny stickers that you may enjoy the fun while chatting with your buddies.

Another alluring thing about the app is that here you are able to follow your favourite actor’s official accounts and can connect together.

Line has a great deal of cool stuff that will not neglect a little engaging you. Here you may share your photos, post updates, join to new friends and many more.so it gives similarity to apps like kik

The best thing we enjoyed about this messaging application is the extra features inspired by other popular social networking apps including, creating a questionnaire about creating an unequivocal decision for whatever items, and the ability to follow other peoples’ account. It is worth getting your hands!


The name itself describes it all! Indeed, not as a conventional yet go-to app for messaging but nevertheless triumphed in deciding the position in the top 5 listings.

The way Snapchat has unfolded and evolved the entire significance of messaging is rather fantastic. Here you can snap your photograph or catch a movie then can add some text and send to your friends you want to.

They can see your snaps and respond to it and then it got deleted in some moment.

Snapchat is predominantly based around sending images and videos. In addition, you can also send from your friends by sending text messages, and here the fun is, they automatically get deleted themselves once the recipient has seen the message.

If you’re a so-called ‘privacy concern peep’ afterward Snapchat is a blessing for you. Other popular social media and messaging programs have also copied various features of Snapchat but nonetheless, being a ‘parent class’ attributes Snapchat is top.

If you haven’t used Snapchat yet, we highly advise you to try it after. You’ll get a new messaging experience. one of the apps like kik

Developer: Snapchat

5) WeChat

Last, but of course, not least in any realm of most popular and dependable messaging program.

An astonishing messaging platform arising out of China, having almost a billion active users globally and the growth are yet consistent. WeChat is just another ideal alternative to Kik messenger.

It includes a lot of the coolest features including unlimited messaging, sharing of media, making voice/ video calls, group calling and much more.

In addition to standard features, the program supports some more unique features like What’s Friend Radar, People Nearby, and Shake attributes which add more fun.

The Discover tab within the app aid you to make more friends and connect with them with the ease of your shaking hand. It is a 2-in-1 platform, if you would like to use it as a standard messaging app or you would like to get in touch with new folks, WeChat has got everything for you and is undoubtedly the best.

If you’re tired of use Kik as a regular messaging service and need to experience something much more interesting and engaging, then WeChat is the best option for you to select from.

Developer: BlackBerry

Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or Higher, Android 2.3 or Higher, Windows Phone 8.0 or Higher

Final words

That is all men! Here we complete, and we expect now you can easily locate you a perfect substitute for your Kik messenger with the support of the aforementioned app.

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