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We are Looking into Anonymous Blogging Platform When the pandemic took over the whole world, online media came into focus as it had never before. And that led to the rise of new talents on digital platforms and gave rise to blogging.

Best Anonymous Blogging Platform
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So, what exactly is blogging ? In simple terms, it refers to sharing ideas, writings, pics, your own experiences in any given field and your daily life too.

However, with everything being online, it gave rise to privacy concerns too. And as the popular saying goes, who doesn’t love their privacy? And who doesn’t want to have freedom to write about anything without fear, without any worries about receiving any threats, or maybe a report on their post?

Here’s another thought, what if one wants to share their thoughts and not reveal their identity?Will it be possible to blog anonymously? Well, that’s what you are here for, right?

We have come up with a list of websites, apps, and platforms that will allow you to blog anonymously and doesn’t require your real name, email address or any kind of personal details. And before we begin with the list, it’s recommended that you use a VPN before you use any of these blogging platforms.

Best Anonymous Blogging platforms:

1 – Write.as

When you click onto their official page, you would see that they market themselves as a “minimalist, privacy-focused, writing and publishing platform.” Its easy to access and you simply need to click on the “write something” or “start writing” (depends what’s shown at the mid of the homepage), and you can start writing.

After you are finished, you can click on the “publish” to publish your work.

One advantage that we get right off the bat is that Write.as sets us as an anonymous user by default. However, we do have the option to change that and set it as per our choice.

When it comes to privacy then you get to have the option of using your email and if you don’t want to then you can create a username and password (just make sure no to forget it).

Advantages of Write.as

1. No email required; no personal information needed

2. Can start blogging as soon as we enter the site

Disadvantages of Write.as

1. Very basic functions when it comes to text editing

2. No option to upload any kind of media (video, photos or other)

It is for Individuals who want to avoid doing any formalities and would like to directly jump into blogging.

2. Notepin

It is for: People looking for the best alternatives for Write.as and with more functions and options.

As we saw that the main drawback of Notepin is that it doesn’t allow us to insert media in our post, Notepin takes care of this issue, very easily.

We get to decide a username that becomes an important part of the blog’s URL. There’s also an additional option to add password. After this process is taken care off, we are the redirected to the publishing screen wherein we create our blog.

Notepin also has a paid subscription model too that offers access to tools like google analytics and also the option to create our own domain name, rather than using the official site of Notepin.

Advantages of Notepin:

  1. No login needed
  2. Allows media to be uploaded in the blog post

Disadvantages of Notepin:

  • Not much features in the free model
  • Expensive if you need to apply for the subscription model
    Notepin is for the People looking for the best alternatives for Write.as and with more functions and options
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3.  Vent

  Vent had come up with a great blogging idea for independent blogging and that is combining  public venting and staying anonymous. One thing to notice right off the bat in Notepin and Write is that they offer less services when it comes to finding your blog in the internet.

Vent, to be exact, is a mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS. It has a search  engine that allows the users to actually search for similar vents and other users that they can   also relate too, thus making it more comfortable for the user to create their blog and to start  venting without any worries.

 This provides emotional support and also helps your posts to reach a wider audience among the people who are of the same interest. And yeah, vent do require an email verification for it to work but one can set their user ID to whatever they desire.

   Advantages of Vent:

  1. People can easily find your posts and venting blog
  2. Allows likeminded people to connect together and chat and vent together
  3. Easily available for android and iOS 

Disadvantages of Vent:

  1. Privacy concerns as it does require email verification to work

Each of the given blogging sites above have their own advantages and drawbacks. You can clearly see that site like Notepin and Write.as do take privacy and anonymity very seriously while Vent has no say in that matter. While we cannot undermine also the benefits of anonymous blogging as by even creating a fake ID we get the benefits of having our own blog with all the features that are present in an original site too.

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