Business Vehicle Financing In USA – Compare Rates & Reviews

The strength of a top bank

TD Auto Finance helps you grow your business by providing standard and enhanced retail programs. You’ll be able to get more money out of your car when you use TD Auto Finance’s floor plan and commercial financing programs. And if you need to sell or trade-in your vehicle, TD Auto Finance will help you get the most money possible for your used car.

Retail Financing

A company that offers competitive rates and terms, fast credit decisions, flexible options for you and for customers, technology that makes managing your business easier and more efficient, professional and reliable services.

Commercial Services

Floor plan program with no retail targets. No working capital loans or revolving lines of credit. No commercial real estate/construction loan. No enhanced reporting services. No online, real-time access.

New and used auto financing

Capital One Auto Financing is an auto financing company. Capital One Auto Navigators help people find the right car loan.

Calculate your monthly car payment

This website provides an easy-to-use online tool to help people calculate how much money they need to borrow to buy a vehicle. You can use this tool to get an idea of what kind of car you should buy based on your budget, your current credit score, and other factors.

What’s needed for auto loan approval?

You must be prepared to provide information about your credit history to get approved for a car loan. You should also know how to handle the paperwork involved in getting a loan.

Specialty Vehicle Financing

Ally has financing for your truck, van or other commercial vehicle plus essential up-fits. You can choose to modify trucks, vans or other vehicles with special business equipment. You can also include modifications that comply with accessibility needs by adding a mobility lift and right-hand drive capabilities. You can also include SmartLease options as long as they can easily be removed at lease end without affecting the original condition.

Heavy Duty Truck Financing

Ally offers competitive rates for business name only financing. They specialize in commercial finance for trucks. They also offer flexible terms up to 75 months. They are available nationwide. They offer financing for vehicles up to six model years old with up to 705,000 miles, depending upon the collateral type. Ask your local dealer about this program.

Commercial Line of Credit

Ally offers a pre-approved line for qualified customers who want to buy or lease commercial vehicles. Customers can finance most passenger cars and light- and medium- duty trucks. They can preserve their bank credit lines for other business needs. And they can manage their total financing portfolios regardless of product.

Financing in the Business Name

Ally offers two financing options for commercial vehicles. You can get financing for your commercial vehicle using your personal credit or you can use your business credit.

Bank of America Business Advantage Auto Loan

Best for business owners who want to shop around for a car. An APR of 2.99% is very low compared to other banks. Loan amounts range from $10000 to $100000. This bank offers great deals on vehicles.

You get a 30-day window to shop around for better rates.


First time buyers should read more about financing options before making a purchase.


National Fleet Purchase Program is a program offered by GM. You can use this program to buy new or used cars. You can also receive discounts on the vehicles you want. This program helps your business succeed by offering discount on the vehicles you need.

Eligible business fleet customers can take advantange of fleet specific incentives on selected General Motors vehicles. Earn your allowance today!

Municipal Lease Purchase Plan

Municipalities should be careful when leasing cars because the city doesn’t own them. Lease-end means the car gets returned to the dealership. You may get stuck paying for repairs if you don’t return the car before the end of the lease.

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