What is CQA test App ? Fix it in 2 Minutes

CQA test app does it appear on your android phone and if you don’t know what is CQA test app on android phone. no need to worry I will give you the perfect solution to it. just follow the steps that I will mention below so that you can get rid CAQ test app Android.

CQA test app
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What is CQA test app?

The CQA stands for Certified Quality Auditor. CQA test is an application built on android device by the manufacture it will not be disclosed to users basically it is a system app which is commonly used to verify the phone components such as touch screen, sensors, camera, speaker, etc. so it is way to check the hardware and software which is running perfectly or not.

CQA test app Android problems

CQA test app The home button and recent application will not work and you will not able to attend incoming calls wont able to receive notification sometimes camera won’t able to open

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CAQ test solution

cqa test app Android Before you start  we suggest you to take some backup by uploading data on google drive or one drive and it depends totally on you that where you take backup or transfer data to your SD card or your personal computer using OTG cable

Perform a factory reset it will delete all data on your phone ( setting – backup – factory reset)

Perform a hard reset

  • Switch off your android phone
  • press both the power and the volume button at a same time for 10 seconds and you will get bootloader menu of andriod.
  • To access bootloader menu, the volume buttons used for going up and down and power button will be pressed to enter the menu
  • Now you  see “Recovery Mode” option on the bootloader menu
  • In the recovery option you will see the list of menu like wipe data or factory reset select the option.kudos its done

So these are the eligible way to get rid of CQA test app and now you know how to handle android so I hope that these article help u to solve your problem so keep visiting our blog for tech and internet updates.

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