Creating a Powerful Marketing strategies

Hello there, you are about to learn how you can consistently attract amazing customers and clients, and do so without needing to work 100 hours a week, or work to the point of exhaustion in order to get those customers and clients. And I want to make you three promises if you watch this video until the very end. The first is you’ll know the number one mistake that small business owners make when it comes to approaching marketing for their business. And I know because I made this mistake, and they’re hurt my business for years and really kept me from growing in the exact way that I wanted to. Number two, I’m going to teach you the most potent, powerful marketing things that you can focus on, that are proven, and will really help bring you results. And then I’m going to put that all together into a proven system that you can use to actually execute on all of this.

Creating a Powerful Marketing strategies
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And I actually want to save you one hour per day. That’s the goal. And I’ve owned my business for five years. And for such a long time, it was incredibly challenging, you know, my income was all over the place, I had customers and I didn’t really, customers are the lifeblood of a business. You know, if you’re not bringing in customers, you’re not making money, if your customers are bad, your life is kind of be challenging and stressful. And everything I talked about is things that you can be doing. Even if you’re stuck at home, you know, this is a tough time for small business owners. But everything I’m talking about is stuff that I’m implementing myself, because I know coming out of this, I need so many customers at the end to make up for all the challenges with right now.

So I want to talk about my first few years in business because they were really a struggle. And the biggest thing had to do with my income related with customers, I knew marketing things I could do that would get results. But it wasn’t working. And here’s why is the same thing over and over. For the first few years, when I started my business, I had limited time I had limited resources. And I wouldn’t have a lot of customers lined up. So I put in a ton of time some of it worked, some of it didn’t. But my income would be low, and then that hard work would pay off and I’d line up customers, my income would go up, I’d have to take on whoever I could. They’re difficult customers. Absolutely. And I’d have to line up a lot to make up for the lower income here.

Anyway, so I do these projects, it was so exhausting, but then these projects would run out. And it would go back down to the same thing. So I’d work to do marketing and stuff like that.And it would just, you know, continue this roller coaster, this real feast and famine over and over and over. And it was really exhausting. And I knew, I knew that I had to get to the point where things were a lot more like this, like very consistent, very even and working with people that weren’t exhausting. I remember one night in particular, it was the fourth day in a row, I was working till 7am for nightmare client and I was just so beat down and frustrated and exhausted, I had this pit my throat. And I was just like my business is over, I can’t deal with this anymore. I can’t do this anymore. And I gave up on my business. But the next day, I woke up with this really strong drive to figure out a better way to approach things to figure out a solution to these problems that I was dealing with. And it took me over a year and so much studying and trial and error. But I finally created sort of a foundation that I could build things off of based on solid marketing principles.

So let me talk about some of the mistakes that I was making that so many small business owners make. So this is my income, the black line, this is zero. And this is the feast and famine where it dipped down and go really low. And it’ll be up and down. And time spent marketing. You know, I wouldn’t have income, so be high, I get so busy go down to zero. And oh no, I need more work. It’s gonna go way up and down. So it was very much an inverse. And it was all over the place. It was a little haphazard. And yet it wasn’t the system that I needed. So if this is zero hours, and this is what we’re aiming for. Now, I just do it steady line across, very, very consistent. It’s just like four hours a week, but really, really focused and I’ve identified the highest impact things for me. It’s not the same for everyone. Even how many people want to pitch you a course that this one tactic works for everyone. Actually tactics are not what’s going to get you the most customers and let me demonstrate that, at the start of my business, the big mistake that I made is out here about some new marketing strategy or secret.And I would think, okay, if I just get this course, and get really, really good at Google ads, that’s going to make my business take off. And you know, most of the time when you start, these are not going to be a good return on your time, or your money. So this green line is what we’re aiming for. And it’s basically, hey, if I spend 10 hours doing something, am I getting back a number of customers that I’m happy with? Am I getting zero customers, five customers, 10 customers. Also with money, like if you’re spending $1,000, are you getting back a good number of customers, clients and work. So in this example, here’s what I’d be doing, I’d be trying to grow Google ads, and you know, just really trying to get it there, I’d be working in a number of things just and these would bring customers but just not working as well, or losing money in some cases.

But here’s the thing with all of this, this is all built on an overall foundation. And I’m going to go into precisely what this foundation is and how to grow it. But it’s all built on this foundation. And once you get really, really good at growing this foundation, every other effort that you’re doing gets pushed up, it gets much easier, you get way better results off of each one. And in this example, cold email still isn’t quite working. But you can either stick with it and learn, improve, adapt, you know, be sure to measure it so you can see what progress you’re making. And, you know, you could cut it out and look for something even better, if you’ve stuck with it, and it’s not giving you what you want.

But then the next thing you do is going to be built on this really strong foundation, and it’s going to be so much easier to get things profitable, you could make this foundation even stronger, even better, and grow it where you have even less far to go in terms of getting good at the exact platform themselves. So let’s jump over to the whiteboard, I’m going to talk through exactly what is this foundation, how you can grow it and why that’s so important. Pay attention to this, because this is key. And I cover this a little bit in another video. But this is going to have a lot of additional information to that. So you have your customer right here. And you have all the different ways that you can reach them, you know, facebook, facebook ads, newspaper ads, going to networking events, all these different things to get those customers, right. And we think of it as this direct line, that you do this and you get customers, for really, every single one of these is simply a way to get your message in front of all those people. So it doesn’t matter if you run into someone in the elevator or they see an ad or, you know, the exact attention span and way of communicating may be different. But really, all of these are a way to get your message in front of your customer.

So where is your time and effort better spent just trying to master and get really good at one of these, or building a really powerful message that communicates exactly what you’re about. And a message that really attracts just the right customer and client and actually repels the wrong person. Your message should make the wrong person say Ooh, I don’t want to work with them actually. And the right person be like wow, they’re really understand my challenges my problems, and they paint me a picture of what my life could look like. So an exercise that’s amazing is to write a page, edit your customers diary, and really hone in on, you know, not only the message they respond to, but the struggles they’re going through, and also all the ways that you can help them. You know, understanding them really well and talking with them and testing the message. You know, paid ads rarely work right off the bat, but they’re an awesome way to get feedback and to build a better understanding of what people connect with and respond to. With my business. It’s a lot of people who have customers worth over $100 most of them are at five figures or six figures and are looking to grow by quite a bit. Really it goes a lot deeper than that. It is people who want to make a big impact on their community.

People who are driven who are motivated who really have the desire for success aren’t trying to get rich quick, but also just feel frustrated. Feel like man, I feel Like with all the work I’ve put in, I should have more customers by now, I feel like I should have less financial stress, I feel like it should be less up and down or less work in 100 hours per week. And that’s the big struggle later on through their big stress is how do I deal with all of this? How do I make it work? How do I get that consistent income level, they’re not worried about, you know, rolling up their sleeves and doing the hard work that they need to, but they’re just looking for a better way to approach it without actually burning out and going crazy. That message is so key and so important. And it isn’t something you do once. It’s really something to do over and over and over and try to keep refining it.

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