Future of 5G Technology around Globe

My talk about five times is a lot more than 5 G is called the fifth generation of technology wireless technology and in order to really understand what we are facing because to understand that we are sovereign beings is to truly understand sovereign law and the sovereignty of energy, the sovereignty of creation, the natural log. When you take natural log to its true nature natural log is the law of energy.

Energy is what makes everything happen in the universe. We know this through physics. As a physicist now they look at this and they say, you know what people. None of this is real. This is all energy. It’s little packets of energy that form the physical molecular things they don’t know how it happens. But they know it’s a fact that everything is just like an old way they would call it spirit. They would say everything spiritual everything is just spirit energy and everything is alive. Plants animals humans molecules everything is alive, including the earth the sun and the stars. Everything is alive. So in order to really understand what this 5G thing is wireless technology. It’s really important to understand what Yeah. The cosmos has made up his energy.

There’s something called the electromagnetic spectrum anybody ever heard that they have that you know that is different aspects of energy. It’s like the creator has different aspects of itself. We are one aspect of the creator and so the electromagnetic spectrum. They can measure their ways. Yeah in science, there’s two weird things that they don’t really understand. But they can measure. It’s called a wave and a particle. That’s how light happens a wave and a particle at one point, the wave. You get all these really out there’s scientific experiments. And at one point, if you look at the wave in a certain way with a certain intention, the wave turns into a particle in a certain way. Scientists call these things. Atoms that are made up of particles and atoms are dancing energy dancing energy that dance in the waves that only appear when our minds think is that weird. If you think about it’s actually pretty weird spiritually. In the old way they knew that they could manifest with their mind from what’s left of the Hawaiian knowledge.

They knew how to use their mind on these various different levels to create what they wanted to create. And thought. Works the same way as the electromagnetic spectrum when you think you think you’re thinking in your head and you think it stays in your head not true. When you think you create a pulse of energy that pulse of energy goes out into a 360 degree circle and somebody else is what we call a or telepathic they can hear your thoughts coming from your head in their head. This is how it works.

Everything is energy when you have a thought your spirit energy is thinking through your brain is an electrical impulse that impulse vibrates out on the waves and goes out everywhere. So to understand this is to understand the natural log and what’s happening to us with technology. The elders had a prophecy for us at this time.

The ones we’ve been waiting for. And they said at the end of time the cycle of time if humans chose technologies. It would be the end of everything unless at some point, they choose to go back to the land and live in natural harmonics with the land. And then there would be some who survived to create a new world. And after this strange things that the see were coming this strange energetic shit that was going to happen.

They said after that happens, what will be revealed to those who survive will be the true nature of our solar this is their message and this message where they have this prophecy written on stone was carbon dated to be 10,000 years old. So they’ve known this was going to happen one time called that. And they gave signs that help us to understand what was coming. And to understand the signs they said something called Technology that we choose technology. Have you seen any technology. You know you can not do that. But you do know how short. We have had technology and the scope of how long we’ve been friends with the Yeah. I mean, from the records. I need a wheel is technology. Yeah electronic technology will probably go there.

So let’s understand when they say that 5G has no effect on you in your science to prove that obviously, I haven’t read the science. They don’t understand science. And so they can rule people. This group of people hasn’t been fooled completely. You know many people are out there that. Do you see people driving around their cars the past the. So this book is a great book. It’s called The Invisible rainbow. If you really want to understand what’s going on read that book.

He goes back to an understanding that humans had since the ’16 100 that we were made of electricity were made of electricity. And if you want your sovereign power back you must increase your amperage you must clear out the blocks of energy and carry your energy field on. That’s really what this is all about. This sovereignty is about your energy who you are as a true energetic being. And so the science has been studied and recorded for the last 400 years in the European way. Again, I’m talking about European way because they’re the ones that have created this fake no wine way many indigenous cultures they know the energy way. But we’ve all been tricked or they tried to trick us into understanding that we’re not energy beings.

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