5 best google chrome alternative in 2020

Google Chrome is the best browser in the best people used to make a lot of 2002 full pro so in this post I am going to bring the by best alternative for Google Chrome if you don’t like to be used in Google Chrome in this post is for you to guys are the 5 best alternatives for Google Chrome

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 so if you don’t want to use Google Chrome this post is for you so guys don’t want to waste my time so will it be more on the first thing that we going to see here is a Firefox

1. Firefox

 Firefox is the best alternative for a Google Chrome If you are using Google Chrome then you should try Firefox because Firefox gives a lot of features that will good browsing experience firefox available on various devices  such as Android iOS desktop  so if you don’t want to use Google Chrome then you should try Firefox it is a best alternative for Google Chrome   if you’re browsing for a long time then I know you should be using Firefox 

2. Opera

 This browser gives you a lot of things where you can use it where you are surfing their main feature is tab in quick dial and that ad blocker extension They have inbuilt VPN future where are you don’t want you to need to use any VPN to if you’re looking for a  Google Chrome alternative  then you should try this

3. Vivaldi Browser

 This could have a lot of customisation options are you should give a tripod this if you had Google Chrome then you should go for the browser  about the browser This browser provides you the best customisation options are you can customise your web pages for the long time is a Surfing in internet And it is one of the best Google  Chrome alternative  we can use

4. Brave Browser

Here comes the number one alternative for Google Chrome privacy if you love privacy then  this browser is for you  they have a lot of customisation  the best thing about the brave browser is the loading time  of the web pages   when we compared the brave browser with another web browser this brave stands apart and first in all

5. Microsoft Edge

Edge is a web browser which is launched by the Microsoft there they are built in chromium which gives you the best browsing experience With fast and secure Page loading time is very good in the edge compared to the Google chrome   If you are using their Internet Explorer for a long time and then back to the Google Chrome or Firefox then you should try to edge 

 These are the top 5 Google Chrome additives it and try but in my suggestion brave browser is the best browser we can use 

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