5 Best Google Drive Alternatives you should try in 2020

Google Drive has been among the very popular and suitable cloud storage solutions with 15GB of free storage area.we will see the best google drive alternatives in this article. But, it’s some constraints that can not be understated. It’s also incorporated in the Google Docs tool, and also each of the files can be saved locally on the computer and also on the cloud in precisely the exact same moment. However, the difficulties come when Google Drive does not meet a lot of your requirements. Then it is time to think about options to google drive. Listed below are the best 5 Google Drive alternatives.

Google Drive Alternatives
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5 Best google drive alternatives

1. One Drive

OneDrive is just one of Microsoft’s effort to provide competition to both Google Drive and Dropbox. It is one best google drive alternatives that you should try. The very best characteristic of Microsoft OneDrive is its easy integration with programs like MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. It may be thought of one of the Google Drive choices because it has very similar performance and has support for cross-platform programs for both Android and iOS apparatus.

OneDrive provides 5GB of free internet storage, and the paid model begins at $1.99/m for 50GB, also for 1TB, you must cover $7.99monthly.

2. Pcould

PCloud is a great cloud storage alternative with simple to use UI and effective safety attributes such as to intercept and guard your folders and files. The safety feature makes it ideal for organizations and users to research affordable and simple to learn. What’s more, pCloud is important with regard to mobile-accessible cloud storage choices. If you would like to update the safety of these documents stored on the internet, you need to look it over. PCloud is just one of the finest Google Drive alternatives options which you could use at the moment.

PCloud features 20GB of free storage, also for 500GB, it’s priced at as low as $3.99/month.

3. sync

Sync is just one of these choices to some google drive that allows user their share information with no worry of magnitude restriction. Additionally, it simplifies the data copies that documents are retrievabledata and information aren’t lost. Additionally, it encrypts all of your information to help provide more protection to it. It is possible to think about it the very best google drive options in 2020 in the event that you have to share huge documents in large volume; in addition, you can share folders also with people that you wish to collaborate nicely with.

Sync.com supplies 5GB of free storage and provides you access to 2TB information for only $8month.

5. Box

The Box is among the online cloud storage methods that mostly concentrate on business users compared to ordinary / users. Box has a special feature which permits users to edit their own files online without even needing to put in them. Additionally, it has a search feature inbuilt that allows you to look for the documents without needing to change from Box.

The same as Office 365, Box has incorporated with infinite quantities of third-party providers, to enable you to shop, view, and edit online, with your own team. It is great google drive alternatives to use

 These are some of the best google drive alternative you should try in 2020.If you know any other could storage don’t forget to mention below in comments

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