How long does it take to fax ?

How long does it take to fax ? The general answer to this question might not be a simple one. The very true reason for this is that there is more than just one way of sending fax. But on a lighter note, sending a fax takes about 30 seconds to a minute per page provided that there is a clear connection between the two machines. Few fax machines do lag and have slow speed when it comes to send graphical fax and with addition of lousy phone connections, will slow down the transmission speed.

Here’s something to keep in mind: “Pages having more white spaces or a lot of white spaces will speed up the transmission speed.”

How long does it take to fax ?
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how long does it take to fax something

When compared to emails, it is no surprise that fax is slow. However, this had not been the case during earlier times. Fax had been the fastest way to send any type of document for decades and had been a trend when it came out.

The thing about fax is that they rely on the telephone technology to transfer document and information. And if there is lag in the connection the fax would take longer time as the duration to transmit data would definitely be increased.

Apart from these factors, the quality of the document also plays a vital role in the speed of transmitting the document. As mentioned earlier, more graphical pages take longer time while pages with more blank white spaces will take lesser time.

The kind of fax machine also plays an important role to play in the time taken to fax as a faster system would take less time and vice versa.

What is a compression in fax?

Compression is a feature in a fax, that helps to reduce the time a fax takes. Compression does it by reducing the amount of repetitive information mentioned in the fax being transmitted, it throws a 1 minute per page estimation about the location and the white spaces in the page, determining the transmission time.

online Fax app

Online fax as the name suggest is a new way to send fax as is a faster alternative to send fax rather than a fax machine. It also takes less time when it comes to scanning the data and printing it. Using an online fax service also comes with greater benefits than the traditional fax method. As the new tech providing online fax app are secured, highly efficient and also easy to use and understand.

For the online fax, you just need an internet connection and a fast fax app which is going to provide you with a fax number.

Transmission overheating slow down

If you are having slower connections, a slower transmission is a better option. It also comes in handy if you are having interruptions in the connection. There’s also a case wherein if there’s any issue with the transmission, slowing down the transmitting speed will prove to be beneficial. One can also get in touch with the person they are sending the transmission to, to reduce their speed.

phone and fax service for small business

The size of your fax should also scale with your business or the enterprise you are working on. With increase in the size of the organization one will need a better fax server as doing so with the old server may overload it and the process will be much slower. It becomes then mandatory to add more business so that the other faxes can be put into queue until the channel is ready. If every channel gets tied up, the process will be delayed.


With the above-mentioned reasons and ways to speed up your fax process you will find an increase in the speed of your workflow. It is no surprising that many places are switching from tradional fax method to mails and printer method. Despite this faxes are still being used at various places for various business.

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