How long does it take to send Bitcoin ? In 2022

How long does it take to send Bitcoin?

It is one of the very first doubts or query one has if they are getting into crypto and bitcoin investments. How long does it take to send Bitcoin ? And it cannot be just answered with a vague “It depends” reply.

How long does it take to send Bitcoin
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It, however, depends on what do you mean when you are talking about “sending bitcoins”. The short answer to this would be that Bitcoin can take from around a single second to even sixty minutes or more to transfer or send. In general cases, typically it takes around ten to twenty minutes to send Bitcoin. To understand clearly as to how long a transaction usually takes one has to grasp the concept as to what exactly happens when one sends bitcoin or is engaged in a bitcoin transaction. So now you know How long does it take to send Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a digital currency which was invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It has gained popularity very fast and now there are millions of users around the world. The main reason behind its success is that it is decentralized and doesn’t require any central authority or bank to operate.

It works like cash but it is completely anonymous. There are no transaction fees and it takes only few minutes to complete a transaction.

How does it work?

When you buy something online with credit card or debit card, the seller receives the amount in their account as soon as they receive the payment. In case of Bitcoin, the buyer sends the amount to the seller’s address through the network. Once the seller confirms the receipt of funds, he/she releases the product to the buyer.

Why should I use Bitcoin?

1) No third party involvement

2) Completely anonymous

3) Low transaction fee

4) Secure

5) Easy to transfer

6) Fast

7) Decentralized

Bitcoin Mining Software

This article talks about bitcoin mining software. Bitcoin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency that uses cryptography for security instead of traditional bank-based transaction verification systems.

Bitcoin Mining Software – What Is It?

In short, bitcoin mining software allows users to connect their computers directly to the network of miners that validate transactions. The software also provides the user with tools to monitor the progress of the mining process.

How Does Bitcoin Mining Work?

Mining is the process through which bitcoins (the units of currency) are generated. Miners use specialized hardware to solve complex mathematical problems. A miner must first find a block of transactions and add the current block’s hash value to his block before he can claim the reward. Once a block has been found, all the transactions are added to it and the block is broadcast to the rest of the network as soon as possible. The block is then hashed again to create the next block. This hashing creates a unique number called a hash or digest.

What Are Bitcoins Used For?

Bitcoins are used to buy products online. They are also exchanged between individuals when they want to purchase something but don’t want to go through a third party such as PayPal. In addition, there is a growing trend towards using bitcoins to fund charitable causes.

Is Bitcoin Legal?

Yes, it is legal. However, most countries do not recognize it as official currency. Some countries, however, accept it as payment for goods and services.

Are There Any Downsides To Using Bitcoin?

Yes, there are downsides. First, there is no central authority to regulate the system. Second, the price fluctuates wildly. Third, it can take days to confirm a transaction. Fourth, it is difficult to verify the identity of the sender and receiver of a transaction. Finally, it is expensive to transfer funds via bitcoins.

What happens when one sends bitcoin?

A typical bitcoin which, when is engaged in a transaction, is being operated by a bitcoin wallet software. The task of this software is to announce that “I, Mr. A, B, or C is sending 0.2 or any amount bitcoin to Mr. X, Y, Z and whosoever shall be mining this particular transaction shall receive 0.0002 bitcoin as a transaction fee”.

People who are so called “Bitcoin miners”, shall receive the transaction and then add this particular ongoing transaction to their unconfirmed list which is also knows as or referred as mempool.

The idea is that these Bitcoin Miners will take these transactions from the mempool and will be bundling them into “Blocks” which has the capability to hold 3000 transactions each. Since there is limit as to how many transactions one can hold here, miners typically tend to select the transactions that shall have high transaction fees. Talking about an average figure, every 10 minutes one block is mined, leading to a situation that if one pays a high transaction fee which is reasonable enough, one can get their transaction confirmed in mere minutes.

Another thing to notice here is that it’s just the average time we are talking about and the thing about blocks is that they may take sometimes just a minute or even more than an hour to mine successfully. This is the very reason that it becomes hard to tell and confusing to answer so as to how much time will Bitcoin take to send.

When does a Bitcoin transaction gets confirmed?

It not possible to change the history of Bitcoin transaction, however it also has an exception. This happens when two miners are mining bitcoin from two different blocks but at the same time and the computer i.e., the system that they are working on ends up with two different transactions and two different histories. This scenario is also termed as a “Chain split” or a “Fork”. If this happens then a new block is added to both the transactions and the longer one among them i.e., the one having more longer block, is considered to be the valid one.

Bitcoin transactions changes from being unconfirmed to “confirmed with one confirmation” when a bitcoin transaction gets mined into a block. Each and every other transaction after this happens shall add on to your confirmation.

If one is sending or is receiving a small amount of Bitcoin, one can have a risk of trusting a single confirmation. If the transaction is a larger one then it goes without saying to wait for five to six more confirmations or if possible, then to wait for an hour before giving the confirmation that the transaction is final.

 When it comes to “extremely huge transactions” i.e., with large sum of Bitcoins, it is advisable to wait for a day or two before giving the final confirmation. However, there are also cases when a handful of merchants will accept large number of transactions even without confirmations so that one can pay then and there without waiting for more confirmations.

How to send bitcoins faster?

When it comes to speeding up the process of sending bitcoins, a higher fee can do this easily. Another way to speed up the whole process is to use a lightning network. It is a separate network built up on top of bitcoin similar to web pages which are built on top of the Internet. It also has different set of rules that enables instant payment and nearly zero fees.


Sending Bitcoins and the time taken to send will vary from a second to more than an hour to even days which all depends upon the number of transactions and the network one is using. If one wants it to be confirmed as soon as possible then going for a higher fee is a great way to get it.

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