How to get unlimited Inmails on Linkedin ( In Mail Credits) In 2022

LinkedIn InMail is a premium feature that allows you to connect with people who you aren’t connected to on LinkedIn. You can use it for reaching specific decision makers, job seekers, and industry experts in your field, but you can’t send direct emails to people outside of your LinkedIn network. You can send a personalized message without having to search for someone’s email address first, saving you valuable time.

The subject line of your InMail is limited to 200 characters, and your message can be up to 1,900 words. Cold emails are a great way to connect with people on LinkedIn. They’re quick, easy, and cheap. However, there are some things to consider before sending them out. However, there are many things to consider before sending out a cold email. You must know how to write an effective cold email, what type of content to include, and what types of people to target.

What Is the Difference Between InMail and Message On LinkedIn?

There are some differences between LinkedIn InMail (free) and Messages (paid). Messages can only be sent directly to contacts. LinkedIn InMail, however, can be used to communicate with non-contacts as well. Your premium account gives you a certain number of InMails each month.

How to Get Unlimited LinkedIn InMail Credits ?

LinkedIn InMail is a great way to connect with prospects and build relationships. LinkedIn limits the number of InMails you can send per day.

You can buy more InMails. LinkedIn InMails allow you to send personalized messages to your connections on LinkedIn. You can use the feature to send messages about your job, new skills, promotions, milestones, etc.

 LinkedIn InMail a great tool to start building new relationships and networking with influencers, recruiters, clients, and other professional contacts. Premium members can send unlimited emails. But if you want to buy them, you must pay $10 per month. To avoid paying $10 monthly.

How to Get More Inmail Credits?

You should check if you have a common group with the person before sending an InMail. This can help you avoid being banned. You should try contacting everyone who replied to your first post. There may be people who didn’t reply to your original post but did reply to your second post. Try sending each person a different message.You can still get free InMails if you have a low response rate. But LinkedIn rewards people who have a high response rate by giving them extra free InMails. So, you should try to increase your response rate.

How to send InMails and get credits back ?

Write effective InMail messages .Let’s say you earn a response rate of 50%. Over time, you’ll earn 93 credits.””If you send 100 emails, you’ll receive an average of 50 responses. You could spend $50 per month sending out 100 emails and still make money. Or you could spend $25 per month and get 10 responses. Either way you’re making money!” LinkedIn says that it gives credits based on how many shares each post receives. So if you share a post that gets 100 shares, you’ll receive 10 credits. You also get credits for comments and likes.

Should you stop using InMail?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator was a paid tool that rewarded salespeople with free InMail credits every month. This tool was designed to help salespeople reach out to prospects via email and encourage them to join their company’s professional network. However, many salespeople became addicted to the tool and lost track of how much money they spent on emails. its Totally upto you 

How Many Messages Can You Send in A Day?

The limit for sending emails via InMail is set at 100 per month. However, if you are an agency or company with more than 10 employees, you may be able to request an increase to this limit.

How do Linkedin InMail credits work?

The Linkedin InMail credits are used for sending emails to people who have signed up for Linkedin. You can use them to send an email to someone who has signed up for Linkedin, and they will receive a $5 credit towards their next purchase.

Is it possible on LinkedIn to send InMails to multiple people or all your contacts at once

Yes, you can send InMail messages to multiple recipients at once. To do this, click on the “Send” button next to each recipient, then select “Multiple Recipients.”

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