International Mother Language Day 2022 Why it is Celebrated ?

Every year, on February 21, the International Mother Language Day (Matribhasha Diwas) is celebrated worldwide in celebration of linguistic and cultural diversity. Aiming to promote multilingualism and cultural diversity, Mother Language Day was created in order to protect all cultural languages since they are important symbols of identity and heritage.

International Mother Language Day 2022
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Facts of International Mother Language Day:

In celebration of International Mother Language Day, different languages and mother tongues are taught to promote diversity and preserve the history of different cultures.

In Washington D.C., the Mother Tongue Film Festival takes place every year on International Mother Language Day.

Rafiqul Islam, a Bangladeshi living in Canada, suggested marking 21st February as International Mother Language Day as a tribute to the 1952 riots in Dhaka during the Bangla Language Movement.

Theme of International Mother Language Day 2022:

As the theme of the 2022 International Mother Language Day is, “Using technology for multilingual learning: Challenges and opportunities,” technology may have a significant role to play in advancing multilingual education and supporting the development of quality teaching and learning for everyone. As long as technology is guided by the principles of inclusion and equity, technological advancements can help address some of the greatest challenges in education today. It can help ensure equitable and inclusive lifelong learning opportunities for all.

How to Celebrate International Mother Language Day

You may organize a party or an event to promote your mother tongue and teach people about your heritage and identity, especially if you don’t speak the language where you live now. You may invite people from different nationalities and backgrounds to share their experiences as well.

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