National Maritime Day India|5 facts that you should know

National Maritime Day is celebrated every year in India on 5th April. Here some of the facts about National Maritime Day India India Is ready to celebrate its 57th National Maritime Day. Before anything let’s read the history of this celebration.

National Maritime Day
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History of National Maritime Day of India

It was 5th April, 1964 when it celebrated for the first time. It was a historical moment when the SS loyalty, the first ship of Scindia Steam Navigation company, travelled from Mumbai to London. This day is celebrated with a purpose of supporting the global economy a well organized, safe and environmentally responsible approach to transporting goods from one corner to another corner of the world.

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Know some important facts about National Maritime Day 

It is celebrated on 5th April every year and firstly it was celebrated 5 April, 1964

Varuna Award and National Maritime Day

  1. Every year the award ceremony is organized on this day. In 2019, the committee instituted Varuna Award for those who have sustained an unimaginable contribution to the Maritime sector of India.
  2. To recognize distinguished individuals for their sustained contribution to Maritime education and training, a trophy and citation is also given, known as ‘outstanding contribution to Maritime education and Training’
  3. NMD Award of Excellence is also given to whom, who is recognized as an exceptional and distinguished performer at a senior functional level in the Indian Maritime Sector.
  4. World Maritime Day is observed in the last week of September. Last World Maritime Day was celebrated on September 24, 2020.
  5. Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet’ was selected as the theme of the ‘World Maritime theme for 2020’.

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