5 Facts You Should know about World Health Day 2022

Health is the basic and most important thing we need to survive on earth. Without a healthy body, we can not live our lives in a better way. The existence of our physical and mental fitness makes us ready to achieve any target of our life and to make life different from all other living things on earth. We all know that in this time of modern development

Know some facts about world health day 2022

we are surrounded by many diseases which we are struggling with daily and trying to find ways to fix it. Thanks to our doctors and other medical scientists, researchers who are tirelessly working to make our life happy and healthy. But we at the primary level can also take many steps to prevent from many diseases and make our life healthy ourselves. For this, 7, April is observed as World Health Day under the leadership of the World Health Organization (WHO) to draw the attention of masses globally on various health issues and to take necessary steps at different levels to make the world happy and healthy.  

World health day is celebrated on 7 April every year. It is an initiative taken by the World Health Organization to raise awareness about health and well being of people across the world. Every year there is a theme for World Health Day. To recognise the hard work and passion of Nurses and Midwives, WHO chose 2020 a year of Nurses and Midwives. Therefore, it became the theme of 2020 of World Health Day in 2020. Nurses and midwives play a key role providing good health and well being by caring for us and therefore it is important to honour them from time to time.

 World-Health Day April 7
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History of World Health Day

The first World Health Assembly held in 1948, asked an institute to raise awareness about health issues globally to highlight the area for WHO. Since 1950, World Health Day has been celebrated every year on 7 April. 

World Health Day, how it is celebrated?

  • It is the day to thank all doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who tirelessly work to save our lives and provide us a better life.On this day many events are organised at national and international nevel by the World Health Organization. WHO targets various issues at the global level and organizes events at different levels of schools and colleges to create awareness about that particular health issue. 
  • Not only this is celebrated by the government but also by many NGOs and other organizations.
  • World Health Day reminds people about the establishment and work of WHO and urges them to participate to find solutions to problems connecting health issues to make the World a happy and healthy place. 
  • Health authorities from different- different countries participate in programs conducted by WHO and take a pledge to find solutions to different health issues which the world is facing.
  • Diseases like TB, polio, chickenpox, smallpox have been identified and closely studied by WHO and thus, it has found solutions for these diseases too.
  • To target, the aim of WHO, many debates, exhibitions, and writing contests are organized on various health-related topics, in schools, colleges, and many other organizations. 

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Themes of Last few years of World Health Day

1)World Health Day theme 2015 was Food Safety

2)World Health Day theme 2016 was Diabetes: scaling up prevention, strengthening care, and enhancing surveillance. 

3)World Health Day theme 2017 was Depression 

4)World Health Day theme 2018 was Universal Health Coverage: Everyone Everywhere. 

5)World Health Day theme 2019 was also Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere with an idea that Universal Health Coverage is the first goal of WHO.

6)World Health Day 2020 was Support Nurses and Midwives

World Health Day theme 2021.is “Building a fairer,healthier world”. 

The greatest wealth is our health and therefore we all should take a pledge to follow the guidelines of WHO for any health-related issues and support our health professionals at every level to make the world happy and healthy.

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